Travel essentials vol. 2

If you follow my Facebook account, you probably remember the post about #travel #essentials. I thought it would be cool if I dig deeper and focus on the most important stuff when it comes to smartphone (since I announced it to be the principal of the principals): #applications

You may not know, but for some time I’ve been really into mobile apps, especially the ones that are supposed to make travelling easier and more convenient than ever. Since I believe that travelling is easy and convenient without applications, I was quite sceptical about them. Oh, how wrong was I!

After weeks of downloading, testing, deleting and downloading again, I came up with the list of 5 Greatest Travel Apps I’ve Ever Seen. Check the list down below and let me know if I’m right 

 #Voice #Translator which turns your smartphone into something tape recorder-ish that immediately translates (and reads!) almost every language into almost every language. It is grammatically correct, easy to use and has better accent than native speakers (yup, even you) 

 #Google #Trips that accumulates the most essential (as well as less important) information concerning you nearest holidays, including tickets, reservations, guides, maps and much more. The best thing about it is, however, built-in guide with links to particular objects’ websites and… Are you ready…? #Discounts. How cool is this?

 #Guides by Lonely Planet which is, basically, a full list of guides by Lonely Planet divided by city which you can download and use offline. Simple as it is 

 #Been which I personally call the “post-travel app” since it it used to mark visited places and share the information about the current number of countries you have seen. Bonus: the application shows how many percent of the world you have actually seen. I’m just 5% by now and you, guys? 


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